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Clear Braces in Poway, CA 

Straightening your teeth can improve your overall appearance and boost your self-esteem, but choosing the best option is not as straightforward as you think. Invisalign has quickly become the most common alternative to metal braces, but not everyone who would like straighter teeth wants the additional work involved in this type of treatment. Invisible clear braces can be an appealing option for individuals who do not feel that either of the two most common choices is a good fit. 

What Are Clear Braces? 

Clear braces allow the straightening of your teeth that fall between Invisalign trays and traditional metal braces. Invisalign has quickly gained traction as a more aesthetic alternative to traditional braces, but removable clear aligners are not the best fit for every patient’s lifestyle and personal preference. Clear braces are made from a ceramic or glass material that functions similarly to other non-removable braces, giving you a better-looking option without the hassle of remembering to wear and clean them frequently enough. 

What Is the Difference Between Clear Braces and Metal Braces? 

Clear braces look similar to metal braces, but their brackets, wires, and bands are made from clear or tooth-colored materials. These alternatives to metal braces provide a more aesthetic appearance and can be less likely to irritate metal wires and brackets. However, these materials are not quite as strong as metal braces, so you may need to replace broken brackets more frequently.

How Long Do Clear Braces Stay On? 

The length of time you will need to complete your treatment depends on the specific positions of your teeth and the amount they will need to move to reach their proper positions. You will likely wear your clear braces for six months to three years, and the length of time you need will be comparable to metal braces. 

What Are the Advantages of Clear Braces? 

Clear braces provide a similar appearance to Invisalign, but they stay on your teeth. Although this is not necessarily an advantage for everyone, it can be a helpful option for individuals that are unsure if they want the extra responsibility of remembering to wear Invisalign trays for the recommended number of hours each day or have certain tooth issues that may make you unlikely to be a good candidate for this option. Many patients also find that the materials clear braces are made from are more comfortable for their lips and gums than metal. 

Are Clear Braces as Effective as Metal Braces? 

Clear dental braces generally have a similar treatment timeline to metal braces, and their end results are comparable. They can require a slightly longer treatment time than metal braces because clear wires are not as smooth as metal alternatives, which means that it can be somewhat more difficult for your teeth to move along them at the rate you would like them to, but this is a much more nominal concern than it was when clear braces were a new concept.

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At Midland Orthodontics, choosing the most appropriate treatment option for you is an important step in straightening your teeth as pleasant as possible. If you are interested in an option that looks nicer than traditional metal braces but does not feel that Invisalign is a good fit for you, our clear braces may be the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about what makes us a top choice among residents of the Poway, CA area that are looking for flexible and personalized orthodontic treatment or to schedule an appointment!