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TMJ Treatment

TMJ and TMD Services in Poway, CA

When it comes to maintaining good oral health, orthodontic specialists can assist you in caring for more than just your teeth and gums. For people who suffer from jaw issues or pain, such as TMJ/TMD, an experienced orthodontic team may be the answer to finding relief and improving your quality of life. At Midland Orthodontics in Poway, Dr. Yoo and his team are well-equipped to diagnose, treat, and manage your TMJ discomfort. Here’s what you should know about TMJ and TMD before scheduling your free TMJ consultation at Midland Orthodontics. 

What is TMJ/TMD?

TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joints that connect your jaw bone to your skull, allowing them to move in every direction. Because these joints are used so frequently to eat and speak, they can sometimes become damaged or cause pain. If this occurs, you may have a temporomandibular disorder, or TMD. Experts aren’t certain about what exactly causes TMD, but it’s thought to result from a combination of factors including genetics, previous jaw injuries, or medical conditions, such as arthritis. Some people may also develop TMD symptoms because of grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw.

What Are the Common Symptoms of TMJ/TMD?

Symptoms of TMD can vary from person to person and depend on the severity of the condition. Common TMD symptoms include:

  •     Jaw pain when opening or closing your mouth
  •     Jaw muscle tenderness
  •     Aching pain in or around the ears
  •     Facial pain and/or headaches
  •     Difficulty chewing
  •     Jaw clicking or popping.

What Are the Differences Between TMJ and TMD?

While people often refer to jaw pain as “TMJ,” the term really stands for the temporomandibular joint itself. Just like you have two knee joints, people have two temporomandibular joints, TMJs, one on either side of the mouth. The TMJ acts like a sliding hinge, to open and close your jaw to help you chew, speak, and bite. On the other hand, “TMD” stands for temporomandibular disorder. TMD is the term used when people experience issues or symptoms with their temporomandibular joint.

What Treatments Can Help with TMJ and TMD?

Unfortunately, treating TMD is typically not a quick process. It takes time and dedication to finally find relief from TMJ pain. Mild cases of TMJ symptoms or TMD usually respond to conservative measures of care, such as rest, ice, and stress management. However, if symptoms are persistent or more severe, Dr. Yoo may recommend splint therapy and/or Botox therapy to promote proper jaw alignment and pain relief. If untreated, TMJ issues or TMD can negatively impact your quality of life, causing jaw or facial pain, headaches, and even damage your teeth. For this reason, it’s important to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yoo as soon as you notice symptoms of TMD.

What is the Cost of TMJ Treatments?

The cost of TMJ orthodontic treatments can vary depending on the type of TMJ treatments used and the procedures covered by your dental insurance. Generally, the cost of most TMJ treatments ranges between $800 to $3500.

Schedule Your TMJ Consultation at Midland Orthodontics

If you’re tired of living with the annoying and painful symptoms of TMD, finding relief is possible. Our TMD specialist, Dr. Yoo, regularly works with patients suffering from TMJ issues. He and his trusted team have successfully treated many patients who suffer from TMD symptoms and have witnessed firsthand the remarkable difference that the right TMJ treatment plan can make in someone’s life. To find relief from your TMD jaw and facial pain and experience a better quality of life, call today to schedule your free consultation.