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Emergency Orthodontic Care in Poway, California 

In Poway, California, Midland Orthodontics assists with orthodontic care emergencies. While orthodontic emergencies are rare, they can still happen, and when they do, we are here to treat your dental needs in our professional and clean office. When facing orthodontic emergencies during your treatment, you will need an experienced orthodontist. 

What is Emergency Orthodontic Care?

At Midland Orthodontics, we offer orthodontic care to help you get a perfect smile or address other challenges with your teeth alignment. You can use our orthodontic care to straighten your smile with Invisalign or conventional metal braces. Regardless of the straightening approach, you should expect slight discomfort as your teeth move to their new position. In most cases, you only need to visit our clinic during scheduled visits. However, while emergency visits are rare, they are not impossible, which is why we offer emergency orthodontic care.  

What is Considered an Orthodontic Emergency?

Most orthodontic issues do not constitute an emergency and can wait for your next scheduled visit to your orthodontist. However, some issues that touch on your oral health may be considered an orthodontic emergency. The emergencies include:

  • Accidents that cause major trauma or injury to your mouth, face, or head 
  • Infections that cause bleeding or swelling of the gum, cheek, face, or any part of the oral cavity
  • Severe pain or discomfort that does not respond to over-the-counter pain relievers such as Advil or Tylenol

When you experience these emergencies, call us immediately for tips to reduce possible complications before you get to our office. Other common but minor orthodontic emergencies include:

  • Broken or loose brackets, bands, wires, and/or appliances 
  • Cheek irritation caused by pokey wires, ties, or coils
  • Discomfort as your teeth move to their new position
  • Broken retainers

When Should You see an Orthodontist for an Emergency? 

Some orthodontic emergencies require immediate attention, while minor ones can wait for the next day. The best thing to do when you experience an orthodontic emergency is to call us as soon as possible. Midland Orthodontics can effectively handle some of your emergencies over the phone, and you will not need an in-person visit to our office. Our orthodontists will also evaluate your case to assess whether you need immediate admission or schedule a visit the following day to help you save time and resources. 

We also accept walk-in patients. Once you are at our office for an emergency, you will receive the required attention within a reasonable time. 

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How can Someone Avoid an Orthodontic Emergency?

To reduce the risk of orthodontic emergencies, the following tips can be helpful:

  • Follow eating/diet instructions: Our orthodontists provide a list of foods to avoid after an orthodontic procedure. We advise you to avoid chewing hard foods as they could lead to an orthodontic emergency. 
  • Stick to dental and braces care instructions: After every orthodontic procedure, we offer aftercare instructions. Follow the given instructions to avoid dental emergencies. 
  • Wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports: Contact sports increase the risk of trauma to your oral cavity. While a brace should not interfere with your sports enthusiasm, wear a mouthguard to reduce the risk of emergencies.  

Need Orthodontic Emergency Care in Poway, California?

Orthodontic emergencies are rare but can still happen. When they do, contact Midland Orthodontics to schedule an emergency visit. We offer a welcoming and professional atmosphere for our staff and patients.