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Welcome to Midland Orthodontics in Poway, CA, where your journey to a confident smile begins. Led by renowned orthodontist Dr. Yoo, our practice is dedicated to providing top-notch orthodontic care that transforms lives. As leaders in the field of orthodontics, we’re excited to introduce you to an innovative solution that can enhance your orthodontic treatment – Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs).

What is a Temporary Anchorage Device (TADs)?

Temporary Anchorage Devices, or TADs, are revolutionary tools designed to optimize orthodontic treatment. These tiny titanium anchors are strategically placed into the jawbone to provide stable points for controlling tooth movement. By leveraging TADs, Dr. Yoo can achieve precise and efficient adjustments, reducing treatment time and enhancing the overall experience.

How TAD Orthodontics are Placed

Rest assured, the placement of TADs is a straightforward and meticulously executed procedure, ensuring your safety and comfort every step of the way. Our team’s extensive experience in TAD placement guarantees a seamless process that supports your orthodontic journey. TADs are delicately inserted into your jawbone, serving as stable anchors that enable precise control over tooth movement, enhancing the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of Temporary Anchorage Devices

Experience the Midland Orthodontics difference by incorporating TADs into your treatment plan. Here’s how TADs can benefit you:

  • Improved Control: TADs enable Dr. Yoo to exert precise control over tooth movement, ensuring the most effective treatment outcomes.
  • Reduced Treatment Time: With TADs, your treatment process can be expedited, leading to a faster journey toward your dream smile.
  • Minimized Appliance Dependence: TADs reduce the need for external appliances, providing a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing treatment experience.
  • Enhanced Comfort: They minimize discomfort by reducing the need for uncomfortable headgear or other devices.

What Types of Braces are Offered at Midland Orthodontics?

  • Clear Braces: Orthodontic braces are made from transparent materials for a discreet and nearly invisible teeth-straightening solution.
  • Lingual Braces: Braces placed on the back (lingual) side of teeth, hidden from view, providing a concealed orthodontic treatment option.
  • Traditional Braces: Conventional metal braces are composed of brackets and wires to align teeth effectively and address various orthodontic issues.
  • Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs): Small titanium anchors strategically placed in the jawbone to provide stable points for precise control over tooth movement during orthodontic treatment.

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